Inside Metric: Q&A with Thomas Warburton

Metric Gaming
January 12, 2024
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"Its hard not to be impressed by something we feel we are the first to do"

Can you tell us about what you do at Metric Gaming?

The core function of my role is to lead our Commercial operations across our customers, partners and suppliers. Over the past few months I’ve focused on building-out a team of talented individuals to deliver on Metric’s growth potential, and develop our ability to onboard new customers. At this precise moment in time, I am working closely with Marketing to sculpt and expand the reach of our story as a business, and deliver on the grandeur of what we have built.

You’ve been there for 7 months now, what have been the biggest challenges so far?

The main challenge is that the landscape is vast, and the product is substantial! When you add-in that we are essentially a new team within a rejuvenated business and a brand-new platform it can be a little chaotic at times. But I relish a challenge because that’s where the opportunities lie.

And what's impressed you the most?

The people. The team is so engaged and excited about what lies ahead. The perpetual focus has been towards launch and the company is really starting to gather momentum as we pass stringent certifications and near such an important milestone after 3 years of incredibly hard work.

And of course, the technology and quality of the product we have built. Seeing is believing, but through compliance testing and stringent certification processes like GLI-33, the absence of negative feedback has been deafening. This is also backed up by independent assessments, further validating our confidence in the quality of what we’ve built. It's hard not to be impressed by something we feel we are the first to do.

And finally, the sheer ambition of the company. As mentioned, this can bring some strain at times but that’s what you expect with all companies looking to break a threshold. I’ve been lucky to work for companies that achieved lofty ambitions against the odds before - Metric feels no different.

What can we expect from Metric in 2024?

2024 is a big year for us and we’ll see Sportsbook launches into multiple regions, including some of the leading regions across the globe. We’ll also be realising newsworthy supplier partnerships and will have an industry leading B2B horse racing product.

What gives you the confidence that this will be achieved?

I mentioned the GLI-33 certification which we recently achieved with a “clean-pass”, or perfect report, as well as independent verifications that back-up our own confidence in the product, but this also stems from our journey to get here. We were created by B2C leaders that experienced frustrations with the standard model and saw an opportunity to use modern technology to create something better for sports betting operators. We’ve invested years and failed along the way, but through this we learned and improved. Now in our third iteration we have a platform devoid of previous mistakes and ready to realise our vision.

And what kind of opportunities does this provide operators?

Choice. And when we say choice, we mean it. The ability for operators to work closely with us to set their sportsbook apart from other Metric customers as well as the wider market in a multitude of ways. We’ll be showing how we do this at ICE, and are looking forward to showing the gaming world our ability to adopt change within our platform - front to back!

Finally, did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year?

Get up earlier and go to bed earlier. I’m getting older now and I’m always looking to keep moving forward and I find I stay on top of things better when I’m up and at it. So it’s more espressos and fewer martinis…

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